Sunday, December 4, 2016

Moana 01

I worked on Moana as a Character Designer to help on what's called the Art Packeting. That means I was given the final approved design made at the Studio in Burbank and had to take care of it by working on the character to get it ready for modelling as well as helping the riggers and animators, giving both of them believable poses which would show the personality of the character you're dealing while keeping the same shapes, volumes and anatomy all along. Same as I did on Zootopia after Cory Loftis and Shiyoon Kim's designs, I had to do it this time following the amazing Artwork provided by Bill Schwab under the direct supervision of Bill himself and the great Jin Kim. I had a great time doing it. Jin had already amazingly made all the stuff on the two main characters, Moana, Maui and Granmma Tala with his unique draftmanship skills. I took care of Moana's parents, Tui and Sina, of Matai Wasa, who's the main ancestor who leads his people over the ocean, and also of the first early version of Hei Hei, when he wasn't yet the dumbest rooster on Earth but pretty much a grumpy kind of guy.

I'll be posting some of the stuff I made on the show during the following days to share it with you. Hope you like it and enjoy it.

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Starting with soma facial expressions of Sina, Moana's mother.

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