Monday, February 22, 2016

Random Faces


  1. Hi Borja, I am a huge fan of your art, and have a question. I’m teaching a digital sculpting class at BYU. I’d love to use one of your designs from the TEDx Santa Barbara talk for students to model as a digital maquette. I’m going to teach students to analyze clearly what makes your design great so the model is faithful and high quality; this way the students won’t bother you about it. I will make sure that they credit your design clearly if they end up using the model in their portfolios.

    You can let me know with a simple yes or no if it will save you time—I completely understand if for any reason the answer is no, but of course I am hoping for a yes. :)

  2. Man your working gets better every time I come by .. your work is truly and inspiration !!

  3. I love the colors and lights you use! Very nice :)

  4. Thanks Pierre, Perry and Maren!
    Sam: Thanks to you too. Of course you can take one of these drawings from my TEDx talk.
    I feel honored by your request. Thanks a lot. Say hello to your students.
    Best to all.

  5. Geniales. Los de arriba a la derecha son el rey y el ex-rey? :)

  6. Nailed them! Top kid looks like one of my co worker!